mHealth and Clinical Practice

Learn how to use mHealth for clinical care

Allow Telehealth Partners to guide your clinic on the best mobile apps for your specific practice

Whether you specialize in primary care medicine, cardiac care, endocrinology, psychiatry, or another specialty, let us guide you along the way. Our specialists will go over everything you need to successfully implement mHealth into your clinical workflows, guide patients appropriately, and enhance clinical outcomes.

Clinical Integration

What is the best workflow for clinic staff? How do you integrate the data from a mHealth app into the clinical decision making process? How do you trend data? 

Patient Guidance

How should you prepare for questions that are commonly asked by patients? What guidance should you give patients to maximize acceptance and implementation of mHealth technologies?

Privacy and HIPAA

How do you protect patient privacy? How does HIPAA affect the use of mHealth apps? Are any legals needed? What type of language should be included in your firm’s privacy practices?

Integration. Guidance. HIPAA.

We’re here to help you succeed by showing you what’s needed to successfully integrate this tool into clinical practice in a way that is cost-effective, efficient, and proper. From evidence-based best practice methods to privacy practices, let us guide you as specialists in telehealth.

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