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Sample teleconsultation use cases

Teleconsultations can enhance your clinical practice
and optimize patient outcomes in many ways

Use case #1: Depression in a rural setting

A primary care provider places a consultation request for a patient that, after over a year of rotating through multiple antidepressants, has not noticed any remarkable change in their mood. The primary care provider has tried the typical SSRIs and TCAs, all to no avail. The patient lives in a Healthcare Provider Shortage Area (HPSA) and the closest psychiatrist is well over 90 miles away. You accept the consultation and the patient becomes established with your practice as a new patient.  The teleconsultation is scheduled by your office staff.

During the consultation, the patient presents with a complaint of persistent nausea from the recent medication change and states that the nausea is interfering with her daily functioning while she still hasn’t noticed any palpable difference from before the medication change. How does teleconsultation help? The patient is able to have a telepsychiatry visit in a timely fashion after the consult is place with subsequent medication management by a mental health professional, all from the comfort of her home. Health outcomes are maximized despite her residing in a rural area of the state that does not have quality psychiatric care within a reasonable distance from her house and it is a new patient added to your practice.

Use case #2: Medication management for eczema

A long-term patient presents to your practice asking for help. He has noticed what appears to be a new mole on his flank and he’s not sure what to make of it. He already has multiple atypical moles and spends much of his time outdoors without sunscreen use, so you know his risk of melanoma is higher than some of your other patients. Your exam reveals an atypical mole that, while it doesn’t appear cancerous, does concern you given his history. How does teleconsultation help? You refer your patient to a teleconsultation visit with dermatology to ensure that your patient’s health is maximized and decrease any potential medical liability that would result from making a diagnosis in a high-risk patient. All it took was a camera, computer or smartphone, and internet connection to maximize these outcomes.

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