Our Telehealth Services

See what our consultants can do for you

We pride ourselves in being consultants in telehealth and avoid any conflict of interest by focusing specifically on our clients

Our goal is to align your telehealth systems with your clinical and administrative workflows for maximum efficiency and monetary return

As the telehealth field expands, it is essential that clinical practitioners and administrative practitioners stay abreast of the medicolegal aspects of telehealth. This is because it can have huge impacts on your practice’s overall success and financial return. At Telehealth Partners, we are consultants with a sole focus on your continued success in telehealth.

Telehealth Implementation

A key component in telehealth is the correct implementation of the technologies, processes and workflows to connect providers with patients. Let us help! 

Resources for Primary Care

Primary care providers can turn to Telehealth Partners to assist in collaborating with distant-site specialists to provide specialty care from anywhere in Texas.

Referrals for Distant-Site Specialists

Have you thought of expanding your practice to other regions of Texas?  Texas needs you! Ask us about expanding your services to HPSAs!

mHealth Apps for Clinical Practice

With the many mobile health (mHealth) applications available on the market, we guide you on which is best to implement and use for your patient population

Internal Workflow Support

From clinical staff to administrative and billing professionals, our consultants can ensure your internal processes match your practice needs and desired outcomes

Staff Training and Development

Whether it’s training on telehealth processes or support on technical applications, we provide initial and ongoing training specific to your needs

Is your firm a consulting or a sales firm?

At EHR Liability Associates, LLC and Maximizing Telehealth (Telehealth Partners), we focus on our clients and their needs.  As an ethical standard and to avoid any conflict of interest, we do not sell products or make any profit from any platform, software, application, or other resource we recommend.  We prefer to maintain clarity for our clients and ensure they know where our priorities are: with them and the patients they serve.

What do you base your recommendations on?

Evidence-based practice and the literature.  We also consider the clinical applications experience of the customers we work with, but we are constantly staying up to date on the current literature and evidence in order to maximize the quality of services we provide.

What if we need additional training?

Quality training is important to us, both initial and on-going.  We’ll support your training needs during implementation and go-live plus post-implementation as needed.  All training can be done virtually and scheduled at your convenience.